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If you are like most therapists, you were not taught about marketing in graduate school.  And if you want to own your own mental health business (i.e. private practice), you have to market your business in order for it to thrive.

FYLMIT.com specializes in creating a promotional video to promote and market your mental health business.  Our goal at FYLMIT.com is to showcase your practice, your vision and your passion to help people in the most authentic, genuine, creative and visually engaging way through video.

Your video is meant to help potential client(s) to know you, hear you, and see you before they enter a working relationship with you.  The goal of your video is to show the “soul” of your practice–not just a video listing all your credentials, years of experience, accomplishments or how great and wonderful you are!  It’s much more than that!  Your video is meant to address the needs of your target audience.

So if you are ready to take that next step in creating your promotional video call me now!  I (Ernesto) would love to chat with you more about your idea and vision for your video!




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