Hi everyone! My name is Ernesto Segismundo Jr. and I’m a marriage and family therapist licensed in the state of California. I started FYLMIT.com because I wanted to help other clinicians market their practice through video and social media. The thought of getting in front of a camera and shoot a video for myself, brought up a lot of anxiety for me. In graduate school I was never taught how to market a mental health practice. So when it was time for me to launch my own private practice, I felt like a fish out of water. That was a terrifying feeling!

Prior to starting my own private practice, I worked for a group home. I worked over 50 hours a week just to make a living as a clinician! And most of the work, was spent on paperwork. This eventually burned me out! I knew I wanted a better life for myself.

In order for me to have a successful private practice, I had to learn not only the business side of owning a practice, but master the marketing skills as well. Out of my own struggle to grow and market my practice, came the idea of forming a videography company (i.e. FYLMIT.com) that creates engaging, inspirational and authentic promotional videos for therapists.

Because of my clinical training, I help therapists process through their fears, insecurities, and negative attitudes about marketing. My clinical training comes in handy when therapists need extra support when promoting themselves through video. It is amazing how our negative scripts and our own annoyance of how we look and sound becomes magnified on video.

I was first introduced to video marketing when I attended a marketing workshop for real estate agents. I was blown away by how real estate agents were utilizing video marketing to grow their business. I was inspired by the idea that mental health professionals can also use this style of marketing to promote their practice–and get stunning results! And sure enough, after I did my first video and marketed it to everyone (i.e. church, family, friends, my email list, etc.) my practice grew from 10 clients a week to 28 clients a week in two months! From then on, I became a video and social media marketing evangelist! I wanted all my fellow therapists who were, or wanted to be private practice, to learn how to grow their practice through video and social media marketing.

FYLMIT.com was inspired by the idea that mental health therapists underutilize the power and effectiveness of video marketing to attract more clients and showcase their expertise. With YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, and other social media sites, it is now very easy to develop a web based presence via video marketing.

Millions, if not billions of people are on the web daily and YouTube has been a popular informational source for people for years. With this in mind, it is vital for mental health therapists to utilize social media sources to reach potential clients and provide information to the community/world that will promote emotional, psychological and relational health. 

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