Ernesto Segismundo JR. LMFT,


entrepreneur, videographer, therapist, and marketing strategist


Aloha friends!

One thing I've learned throughout the years supporting the mental health community is that helping them be creative and entrepreneurial is how they advance as professionals.  As an entrepreneur, videographer, therapist, and marketing strategist, I'm attracted to people who deploy their humanness into their professional endeavors. Thus, all my presentations and speaking engagements aim to remind the mental health professional to be unapologetically real, innovative, and forward-thinking.

I engage the audience in introspective and experiential learning.  I want professionals to know that they are much more than the initials they've worked hard for.  They are valuable, change agents to a world that is longing for meaning and purpose.

With everything I bring to my presentations, the most valuable topic I love to talk about is my cultural experience--which has shaped me into the "not-the-typical-psychotherapist/entrepreneur."  I am a first-generation Filipino American man who immigrated to the United State from the Philippines and grew up on the island of Kauai, Hi.

My grandparents worked in the sugar cane fields in Hawaii.  My mother was a housekeeper who worked at several hotels and my father managed to support his family as a dishwasher in multiple restaurants.  Generations of vibrant Filipinos taught me the value of hard work, humility, and resilience.

I have multiple presentation topics ranging from video and social media marketing as a mental health professional, overcoming impostor syndrome, creative approach to marketing, leadership and entrepreneurial development, and many more.

Contact me today.  I'd be honored to be your event speaker.


Below are 4 examples of keynote and speaking engagements/presentations I've done through the years.  Please contact me for a fee schedule.