FYLMIT.com is dedicated to helping mental health professionals in private practice, non-profit organizations and other related field develop a social media presence through video marketing.  Marketing for therapists is rarely talked about in graduate programs for psychology.  This is the reason why many therapists in private practice struggle to gain clients.  Not any more!  With social media and video marketing, you can take advantage of this generation’s approach to small business promotion.  Check out our service! 

If you:

  • …authored a book.
  • …want to promote your organization.
  • …have a private practice in the area of psychotherapy.
  • …want to start a therapy group.
  • …have a public speaking event.
  • …and more….


Here’s how…

  1. Contact us and schedule a meeting to discuss your vision, pricing, content and direction for your video.

  2. We will drive to your desired location (i,e. office, park, beach, garden, etc.), that you want as the setting for your video.

  3. We will do all the video editing with your collaboration and input.

  4. When editing is finalized, your video will be uploaded on social media sites such as YouTube and you will be given the link to include on your webpage, Linkedin, Facebook, Twitter and other social media site.

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