With the Colorado Counseling Association

Event Date: 4/21/2016


Small businesses in mental health fail due to lack of marketing and branding.

In order to have a successful private practice in mental health, professionals must not only have clinical skills, but also marketing skills. This seminar/workshop will help mental health professionals gain knowledge pertaining to professional development and market strategizing. This workshop will explore effective ways therapists in private practice market through social media outlets such as YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn.



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Course objective:

Attendees of this course will be able to do the following:

    1. Understand the legal and ethical standards of marketing and advertising through social media such as Facebook, YouTube, and other social networking sites as a mental health professional and life coach.
    2. How to create an interactive and engaging Website with videos utilizing YouTube, Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram, and Twitter and other social media outlets.
    3. Creative marketing strategy that will promote the branding of your practice
    4. How to develop a powerful on-line presence in order to increase your client load and develop professional opportunities and relationships.


Seminar/Course outline:

1.Legal and ethical standards of marketing and advertising.

  • Exploration of mental health adverting standards and ethics.
  • Acceptable titles for pre-licensed and licensed clinicians.
  • How to ensure confidentiality and boundaries with potential and current clients.
  • Scope of practice and content in Blogs and Video-blogs.

2. Therapist view of marketing.

  • Philosophical view of marketing by mental health therapist.
  • Therapist personality and types of marketing.

3. Create an effective Facebook, YouTube, Linkedin, and Twitter marketing campaign showcasing the clinician’s mental health practice to gain clients and professional opportunities.

  • Top down approach to media marketing and strategizing.
  • Visual and lighting effects that increase viewer attention.
  • Creative ways to project a sense of urgency and interest with your audience.

4. How to create traffic to your website with blogging, video blogging and email marketing campaign.

  • Word of mouth promotional.
  • Recruiting other professionals in non-related field.
  • Partnering with other social services in the community that target the same clientele.

5. How to develop a YouTube channel discussing important topics on mental health related topics.

  • Sending email surveys to individuals in the community.
  • Monitoring discussion on Facebook, Twitter, and other media sources to gain resources on topics to discuss on your YouTube channel.


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