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Description: Online course platforms such as Teachable, Kartra and Kajabi dominate in the world of hosting courses and masterclasses. However, they are complicated and expensive for many. The alternative, Zoom webinar, has quickly become a familiar brand in this COVID 19 era. However, not very many people know how to utilize the powerful features in Zoom webinar. Did you know you can collect payment, collect emails, create simple yet attractive landing pages and even send out email reminders to your attendees, ALL on the zoom platform! This means, you do not need to purchase Teachable, Kartra, and Kajabi to collect payment, host your webinars, and create landing pages.

In this masterclass you’ll learn the following:
1) Create and integrate landing pages and payment system in Zoom webinar
2) Formulate and structure visual driven PowerPoint presentation, considering the psychology behind colors, images, and videos.
3) Understand the psychological reasoning behind the use of lighting and the two system camera approach to webinars and online courses.
4) Three tier approach to pricing your courses as explored by Maslows hierarchy of needs model.

Cost: $125

*Duration of each 2 class: 1.5 hours

Register here: 2 part Masterclass


Description: This course is aimed at addressing the psychological and behavioral challenges that many creative and aspiring entrepreneurs experience. An entrepreneur is one who organizes and operates a business. However, they are much more than that. An entrepreneur is creative, exploring innovative ways towards success and wealth. With this drive, the entrepreneur faces behavioral resistance, insecurities, and internal turmoil, causing stagnation, over-stimulation, lack of motivation and direction.

This course will explore the following:

1) Participants will be able to describe underlying neuroscience of fear and shame in the context of entrepreneurial insecurities.
2) Participants will be able to apply creative behavioral and psychological interventions for themselves and their clients who struggle with impostor syndrome, stagnation, resistance and over-stimulation and other entrepreneurial insecurities.
3) Participants will be able to implement 3 optimal mental wellness approach mental and psychological wellness approaches.

Cost: $50

*Duration of class: 1.5 hours









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